Unfamiliar Road in a Familiar Car

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, my partner and I, like many Australians, were eager for a post-COVID getaway. Opting for a European trip to visit family and attend a friend's wedding just outside Cambridge, we quickly realised that public transport wasn't the most convenient option. As a Land Rover enthusiast and employee, seizing the opportunity to explore the Land Rover factory at Solihull, a mere 15 minutes outside Birmingham, became a must. I strongly advocate all Land Rover owners passing through the UK to contemplate a guided tour through this factory, an experience that marked our first trip as a duo. Venturing beyond the capital city, we sought to uncover hidden treasures in the countryside.

The uncertainties associated with travel can heighten anxiety, yet with meticulous planning, any vacation can unfold with significantly less stress. While booking flights and accommodations proved straightforward, car rentals presented a different challenge.

I came across an advertisement for THE OUT on every social media platform over the next couple of days. Prompting me to search there! THE OUT, an exceptional car rental service, distinguished by its ownership under Jaguar Land Rover, ensures seamless delivery and pickup at any address in the UK. The user-friendly website facilitates effortless global bookings.

THE OUT boasts an extensive lineup, ranging from the latest Range Rovers to Defenders, Evoque, Discovery Sports, and even 2-door F-Type roadsters, offering any model within the brand. Inclusive in their packages are tolls, taxes (including Congestion and Carbon Tax when entering the Heart of London), phone holders, charging cables, and optional baby car seats. For those wondering about crossing the English Channel into Europe, rest assured, it's a viable option.

Opting for the 2022 Range Rover Sport Petrol PHEV, considering Europe's preference for electric cars, our total package proved to be an absolute steal. Nervous about navigating unfamiliar terrains, the moment I sat behind the wheel adorned with the iconic "Range Rover" badge, a sense of familiarity washed over me.

We decided to go with the 2022 Range Rover Sport Petrol PHEV (knowing that Europe has preferential parking spots for electric cars) and the total package came down to be around $2,100.00 Australian Dollars. For someone who almost booked a C200 Mercedes-Benz for $2,700.00, securing a late model Range Rover Sport for $2,100.00 is an absolute steal! I would be lying if I said I was not nervous about driving in an unfamiliar country but the moment I sat behind the steering wheel with that “Range Rover’ badge, everything feels just like home.

Diverging from conventional rental companies, THE OUT aims to introduce as many individuals as possible to the Jaguar Land Rover brand. Their unparalleled customer service and value-laden packages stand as a testament to this commitment.

With an increasing number of Australians preparing to explore Europe, considering THE OUT for your UK car rental is a recommendation worth pondering. For detailed information, peruse their website at theout.com.