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Range Rover SVO Craftsmanship | New South Wales

High End Craftsmanship with Range Rover SVO

Land Rover’s passion and desire to challenge the status quo is embodied by the Special Vehicle Operations unit where boundaries are pushed to the limit. With some of the best automotive engineers in the world, iconic craftsmanship and engineering excellence are taken to the next level, always striving for a new standard of perfection. Find out more at Parramatta Land Rover today!

Driver and Machine - Connected

The stunning Special Vehicle Operations Technical Centre, spread across a state-of-the-art 20,000 square metre facility. The four most important zones include VIP commissioning suites, a manufacturing facility, paint facility and a technical suite for precise, modern testing. Land Rover creates special vehicles here which represent the very pinnacle of customisation, luxury and performance.

Range Rover SVO

The Range Rover SV series offers two curated SV interior and exterior designs. The SV Serenity and Intrepid represent two different ways of conceptualizing the Range Rover.

Both themes are available with Standard or Long wheelbase versions with a wide selection of efficient and powerful engines such as the 530PS V8 Twin Turbo and an ultra-efficient 350P mild-hybrid Ingenium 6-cylinder diesel.

Range Rover SVO Interior

Range Rover SVO craftsmanship is all about complementing the already luxurious interiors with additional colour palettes, veneers and duo-tone front to rear colourways to create distinct cabin zones. For the first time, sustainable alternatives to leather can be applied to the whole interior.

SVO Interiors are created for the level of comfort and technology you would expect in your home. SV model rear seat entertainment systems feature large 13.1 inch screens and high performance noise cancelling headphones create a completely immersive media experience.

SVO Emblem for the Special Ones

Futuristic materials, an incredible driving experience and an unassailable status symbol, these are just some of the promises made by the Land Rover SVO unit.

All vehicles which go through the SVO process come with the elegant hand-crafted ceramic logo which lets people know that this vehicle is at the very top of the Land Rover line.

Land Rover Range Rover SVO Craftsmanship

The Land Rover Special Vehicles Operations is known for its insatiable hunger to identify itself as the pinnacle of technical vision, design and automotive experience. Contact Parramatta Land Rover for more information on special colours, materials and engine upgrades for your Range Rover.