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Jaguar Special Vehicles Operations | New South Wales

Bespoke Jaguar Special Vehicles Operations

For automobile enthusiasts searching for the pinnacle of the driving experience, Jaguar’s SVO program is the perfect way to achieve state-of-the-art levels of comfort and performance. Special Vehicle Operations features the very best of Jaguar with a range of limited edition collector’s vehicles with unsurpassed performance and luxury through cutting edge technology.

SVO also offers a range of tailor made vehicle finishes with the SV Premium Palette and SV Bespoke range.

SV Premium Paint Palette

Presenting the latest paint technology, premium finishing combined with fine craftsmanship are combined to create unique colour palettes for your vehicle.

SV Bespoke

Personalise your car down to the smallest detail with Jaguar’s “match-to-sample” service which allows you to get the exact colour that you want, analysed by the latest colour matching technology.

Jaguar SVO Facility

Based in Warwickshire, England, the SVO manufacturing facility is home to a highly specialised team of 200 automotive experts. the 215,000 sq ft SVO headquarters are fitted with over 40 inspection bays, a world class paint facility and a performance centre which tests every vehicle in detail using the latest diagnostics equipment.

Special Vehicles, as the name suggests, require a special level of technical ability and automotive ingenuity. SV Specialist Centres are home to Jaguar specialists with the highest qualifications and innovation. The best technicians are put through even more advanced training to ensure that your Jaguar is in the best hands in the world.

Jaguar F-PACE SVO Edition

The standard Jaguar F-Pace is well known for its cutting edge design and stunning modern SUV design. But when it comes to Jaguar, standard is never enough; the new F-PACE created by the SVO team unlocks the full potential of this amazing vehicle with a 5.0-liter Supercharged V8 engine, advanced design with updated aerodynamics for better handling and efficient movement through various driving conditions and new performance focused components which make this the quickest F-PACE ever made.

High End SVO Jaguar Vehicles in New South Wales

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