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High Performance Luxury Sports Car

Jaguar recently turned eighty years old. Eighty years which represent iconic, instantly recognisable design, high performance engineering and resilience in a century that has demanded the very best of automobile engineering. 

From the legendary XK120 to Jaguar’s most recent innovations, the company continues its legacy of staying right on the cutting edge of automotive achievement. 

British Racing Heritage 

In a time when automobile racing was still taking its first steps, the Jaguar C-type cemented the manufacturer’s place in history as the cream of the crop. A car which was as beautiful as it was quick, the pure-bred Jaguar was designed with an aerodynamic fluid shape inspired by aircraft design. Jaguar’s legacy began with the C-type’s win at Le Mans in 1951.

Soon to follow was the iconic D-type inspired by innovations in aircraft construction techniques which are still used to this day in race car design. Over the years, a smooth transition to passenger vehicles showed the manufacturer’s versatility and passion for sharing high-performance standards with everyday drivers. 

Legendary Jaguar Efficiency and Design 

At Jaguar, the purpose of great design is to stimulate the senses. For a company with nearly a century of experience, steeped in a clear aesthetic philosophy, inspiration resides in all kinds of places. 

Jaguar’s design language is all about clarity and elegance in the face of commotion. It is about pushing the boundaries, challenging the norms and evolving with a sleek, understated design whilst bristling with courageous innovation. Evocative design is all about creating an emotional connection, but true sports-car engineering is about maximising performance and efficiency.

Jaguar’s commitment to maximising efficiency in the face of a growing climate crisis led to the I-PACE all-electric SUV which combines world class performance in almost complete silence and with zero emissions. 

Jaguar Luxury Sports Cars in Sydney

At Parramatta Jaguar, we are proud to continue the tradition of Jaguar’s legacy of automotive achievements. Our commitment to the ethos reflects not only in our state-of-the-art workshop, but also in our attention to detail when assisting our valued customers on their journey to owning a Jaguar. Contact us today to book your test drive.