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Defender Wins Drive's Best Upper Large SUV 2022, NSW

Land Rover Parramatta is proud to announce the winner of’s Best Upper Large SUV award for 2022, the Land Rover Defender. The Land Rover Defender has always been known as the Land Rover that isn’t just built for luxury and pristine paved roads, it is a marvel of modern engineering, which can turn into an off roading beast at the touch of a button. As a long time Land Rover dealership, we are honoured to feature a vehicle which many consider to be the best SUV Australia-wide.

Exceptional Interiors and Handling

What makes this Land Rover truly special is the way in which it feels perfectly at home on tarmac, and the ease with which it meets the demands of living in a city. With a transmission that is extremely smooth at low speeds, this machine can dial it down when it needs to and burst into action when called upon to deal with off road conditions. The handling is so good that it will easily make its way far off the beaten path, no matter how skilled the driver. Not many SUVs on the market are able to check all the boxes when it comes to everyday usability, off road power and asphalt consistency.

In addition, the seating position allows the driver to tower over the road with excellent visibility, and two wheelbase options let you decide whether your Defender is a cross country vehicle or luxurious urban cruiser. The much-awaited release of the Defender 130 will see this legendary machine fitted with eight seats across three rows.

Land Rover Service

Here are Land Rover Parramatta, we are more than just a Land Rover dealership. We are Sydney’s home for all things Land Rover. We provide the highest standards of Land Rover service, conducted by our team of fully certified and experienced technicians. We personalise your Land Rover with specially designed, genuine accessories chosen by you, to make sure that your Land Rover reflects you and your lifestyle.

Land Rover’s comprehensive warranty ensures that even the relatively low 5-year servicing cost of $2650 is covered, and an amazingly efficient fuel mileage of 7.9L/100kms beats nearly every other large SUV on the market. Contact us today for an in-depth conversation with one of our Land Rover Service professionals.

World Class Land Rover SUVs in New South Wales

When it comes to Land Rover car sales in the SUV segment, no vehicle commands more respect than the Land Rover Defender. Contact Parramatta Land Rover today for an in depth look at the future of the modern SUV, or book a test drive now!